Jahalin Bedouin Boy, West Bank

The Jahalin Bedouins live in desperate conditions without electricity or running water, in a part of the West Bank referred to as Area “C”, where Israel maintains military authority. In 1948 the Bedouins were forcibly evicted from their land of origin in the Negev Desert in Israel, and some were dispersed to this particular area which sits between East Jerusalem and Ma’ale Addumim, an Israeli Settlement with quite the opposite living conditions. Ma’ale Addumin has several medical centers, schools, transportation and infrastructure including a year-round water park. It is important to understand how the resources are controlled in the West Bank to be clear about the disparity of the situation. Water is controlled by Israel and it is relevant to note that settlers use about 3x the amount of water as compared to the amount that Palestinians in the West Bank receive daily. Visualizing Palestine has some great infographics on this. There is also a short film of the Jahalin Bedouins entitled “Nowhere Left to Go”.

This young Bedouin boy lives in this displaced community and is currently home schooled. He helps his family by doing chores and by tending to the animals daily.




Ma’ale Addumim Israeli Settlement just beyond the Bedouin community.
Overlooking the Ma’ale Addumin water park not far from the Jahalin Bedouin Community.

All images © 2015 Iris Brito Stevens. All rights reserved.

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