Students, Dar al Tifel School, East Jerusalem

This school is special. It’s goal is to empower young women and girls by ensuring an excellent education and a strong connection with their heritage. Formerly the school had been a home belonging to the family of Ms. Hind Al-Husseini, who offered it as a shelter (then later as a school) for the orphaned children of Palestinian families killed in the Deir Yassin massacre. She was deeply involved and instrumental in its success. Today it is a private school for girls which houses a Palestinian Heritage Museum to help foster Palestinian culture and identity. I photographed the grounds for a building/playground project proposal which needed funding and had the great pleasure of meeting some of the students, and two of it’s administrators. The children were quite adorable.


The administrator, Raed, who took me around the grounds and up to the roof with the most incredible views.

IBS20150204-0177IBS20150204-0035IBS20150204-0185All images © 2015 Iris Brito Stevens. All rights reserved.

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