About This Project…..


face of Palestine.

The Separation Wall in Bethlehem.
With an international volunteer, on the first planting day in February 2013, showing we had already put five trees in the ground. Collectively we planted 1200 trees on farmland throughout the West Bank with the JAI (Joint Advocacy Initiative). It was supposed to have been 1600 trees but the planting was stopped by the Israeli Military on our last day, and 400 remained.
Our bus got a flat tire in Ramallah and it started to rain. A lovely local woman invited my friend and I to come into her home to have some tea. Her hands were beautifully decorated in henna and when we complimented her, she smiled and lifted her scarf to reveal her very red henna’d hair…sort of like my Belgian friend in the photograph. 2014
Al Khader Village on the last day of planting olive trees, February 2015


Photographing the children at the Dar Al-Tifel school for girls in East Jerusalem.


All images © 2015 Iris Brito Stevens. All rights reserved.

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