Murad, Deheisha Refugee Camp, Bethlehem

Murad, Deheisha Refugee Camp, Bethlehem

Murad at 18 years of age is the youngest of three brothers. The oldest, Mustafa, had been arrested three times and has been serving a prison sentence for a year now. The second oldest brother, is the one in the picture that Murad is holding in his hands. His name is Muhannad, he is 22 years old and has been under Administrative Detention for four months.  Various delays by the Israeli Military have meant that the hearing has been postponed repeatedly and that as of the yet the family does not know why their son is being held or what he is being charged with. According to the family this is typical. When I asked Murad what he thought his chances were for staying out of prison, he said he did not think that it would happen to him. When I asked why, my friend who took me there, told me that his demeanor was quiet and he was more demure, unlike his brothers, particularly the older one who was a leader, and a strong kid who stood out in front. Apparently, those are the ones who are seen as a potential threat and are often targeted.

IBS20150218-0091All images © 2015 Iris Brito Stevens. All rights reserved.

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